Everything You Need To Know About Hyper-Calvinists

The apologetic/ research ministry Carm explain Hyper-Calvinism in this way "is the unbiblical and unscriptural teaching that because God has predestinedthose whom He wills to be saved (Ephesians 1:1-11, Acts 13:48, etc.,), that no evangelism is necessary (not all Hyper-Calvinists hold to this view) because God will bring about the salvation of the elect whether or not the Christians preach and... Continue Reading →


BY: TIAGO HIRAYAMA In addressing the problem of evil, we are encouraged to have in mind three absolute truths. First, God is sovereign. Second, humans are responsible for their actions. Third, God is good despite all the claims that He is otherwise. To begin with, Scripture must be the standard for the Christian when wrestling... Continue Reading →

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