Truly God, Truly Man

By Tiago Hirayama Is Jesus Christ the God incarnate or a merely human, inhabited by the Holy Spirit? The council of Chalcedon was the most weighty since it dealt with the fundamentals of faith; every right doctrine concerning the Holy Trinity was established and had no considerable change in the succeeding summits until today. The... Continue Reading →

The Young Imbecile

I have believed in many lies, but there is one that I have always been immune to: the one that celebrates youth as a time of rebellion, independence, and the love of freedom. I did not give much credit to this mumbo-jumbo, even when it flattered with me. On the contrary, what impressed me very deeply from... Continue Reading →


Aristotle once said, “Rhetoric may be defined as a faculty of discovering all the possible means of persuasion in any subject.”[1] His point is that rhetoric has the same function, as he says, of dialectic.[2] In other words, they are not limited to any particular field of studies but that every person gives arguments to... Continue Reading →


By: Tiago Hirayama Reading one of my assignments for one of my classes, I found the "Engel Scale." If someone has studied missions, you must be familiar with this scale. It depicts the stages in which a person is found, as far as salvation goes. Developing from that idea, I will make my own list.... Continue Reading →


BY: Tiago Hirayama Years ago, I developed an unfortunate habit of looking on Facebook. Lately, the posts vary from political agenda to meaningless jargons, from moral lessons to profane claims, from little kittens to radical Islamic propaganda, from advertising free speech but denying it to others. One decent thing Facebook has achieved is giving a... Continue Reading →


By: Tiago Hirayama Years ago I developed an unfortunate habit: looking at Facebook — reading posts of persons whom raging opinions sound more like illogical creatures. As Jude have said, “But these men revile the things which they do not understand; and the things which they know by instinct, like unreasoning animals, by these things they are destroyed,”... Continue Reading →


BY: TIAGO HIRAYAMA In addressing the problem of evil, we are encouraged to have in mind three absolute truths. First, God is sovereign. Second, humans are responsible for their actions. Third, God is good despite all the claims that He is otherwise. To begin with, Scripture must be the standard for the Christian when wrestling... Continue Reading →


The assertions I am planning to make will heavily depend on sources which are not primarily from Plato nor Augustine themselves, but from scholars whose, work and understanding are directly from primary sources. To understand Plato’s theory of ideas or Forms, I will appeal to Dr. Samuel Enoch Stumpf suggestion that to understand Plato’s theory... Continue Reading →

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