Are Birds Evolving in Just Decades?

by Ken Ham on May 23, 2019 We constantly see headlines proclaiming the “rapid evolution” of one species or another. The latest one announced the so-called “rapid evolution” of bird species in the tropical island paradise of Hawaii. It’s happening so fast, they describe it as “a blistering pace” of evolution. But, like all the other supposed “rapid evolution” articles,... Continue Reading →

Are You a Nominal Christian? A Diagnostic Test

If used well, these questions could provide a starting point from which to engage people we love on the question of their Christianity. If we listen well, show empathy, and share the gospel, we may see the Holy Spirit bring true faith to those who desperately need it.

A Word to the Young

November 22, 2013  by: Paul Washer Remember your creator in the days of your youth - Ecclesiastes 12:1 Time does not seem like such a precious commodity when you think you have a great deal of it. What you do with your time is not a great concern when you forget that it belongs to Another and that... Continue Reading →

I Failed as a Parent—Now What?

By Rick Thomas When a person says that they failed as a parent, they are sharing the concern of every parent. Though parental failure can differ significantly, none of us do it ideally, which is why you want to think about your limitations and imperfections, as well as what God might be doing in your... Continue Reading →

So, Who’s Really Anti-Science?

by Ken Ham on May 16, 2019 So, an unborn baby is not a human being? What is it—a dog, a dolphin, a green bean? It has 100% human DNA (with a unique combination of information that came from both father and mother), and humans only produce humans, so the unborn baby can’t be anything other than a... Continue Reading →

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